Kendahl here! Five years ago I jumped from working full time to being a full time mom…overnight. It wasn’t long before one salary proved to be a challenge. In order to stay home with our son, I began making and selling things—burp cloths, baby blankets, nursery prints, and the like. I sold enough. 


Enough. I never hit it big and I was OK with that. One day I had a crazy idea. What if we could help others sell enough? HelloLoveHandmade was born. We started by posting a “share for a share” on Instagram. Soon, we began selling our features. Within weeks, I quit my own handmade business to focus on marketing for others. Today, we cultivate a community of makers who love handmade like we do and teach handmade shop owners one thing every month to help them sell enough. 


I’m not sure what your enough is. Maybe it’s a few sales to keep your hobby going. It might be replacing a percentage (or all) of your existing salary so you can stay home with your kids. Heck, maybe it’s hitting it big, making a ton of money, and sipping margaritas on the beach! No matter what your enough is, I want you to know that we’re here to help you get one step closer.