WRITE Copy Your Instagram Followers Will Engage With 

Most social media platforms limit your characters. Although Instagram’s limit is gigantic (2200 characters), only the first few lines of what you write is shown to your followers unless they click to see more. Why? Because if you don’t captivate your followers in the first few lines of text, the words beyond likely don’t matter. 


Instagram's algorithm favors posts with high engagement. In other words, when you get lots of comments, likes and saves, Instagram will show your post to more users and possibly even place your post on the Explore Page! 


So how do you write copy for Instagram your followers will want to read and, more importantly, engage with? Use these 8 tips and watch your engagement grow!

1. Value your followers more than yourself.

Spend less words talking about you and your shop and more words talking about your follower. 

2. Tell your followers how your product will make their life better. 

You know how your products will positively impact others, but your followers likely don’t. Don’t shy away from telling them! 

3. Write for clarity over creativity. 

In an attempt to be creative, you run the risk of losing all clarity. You might be surprised how simple clarity can lead to sales. 

4.  Call your followers to action. 

Don't assume your followers know what you want them to do--tell them!

5. Tell a story. 

Everyone loves a good story. Your followers are no exception. 

6. Use hashtags.

Hashtags quickly make your content visible far beyond your followers and bring in a whole new audience to engage with your content. 

7. Toss in some emojis. 

According to Quintly.com, the use of emojis leads to 47.7% more interactions on Instagram--woah! 

8. Go beyond your brand. 

Your brand is the main thing, but the face behind it is important too! Don’t be afraid to give your followers a glimpse into your life outside of the brand. 

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