Wowing your customers with your packaging!

The way you package your products matters.

Don’t believe us? Think about how you feel when you receive a package from Amazon—a big brown box with a smile on it. It’s a simple touch, but it reminds you of who the package is from and that the company cares. Ever purchased something from Tiffany and Co.? If so, you might have wondered if they spent more on the packaging, than the jewelry itself!


Having great packaging for your handmade products has a ton of bonuses. And while it's likely an added expense, it’s worth it.  Check out the 6 tips Chelsie, owner of Avery Rose and Company, uses to create great packaging for her handmade business!


Hello there!

My name is Chelsie and my handmade shop is Avery Rose & Company, named after my little girl, who is the inspiration behind the things I create. 

You might think, well I already made the sale so what's it matter?? I promise it DOES matter! Once, I had a woman purchase a shirt from my shop and after she received it, she wrote me a message on Etsy saying that she had to buy a second one just because she loved how cute it was packaged! 

One of the best parts of shopping handmade is receiving the package in the mail and seeing that the seller took as much pride in the packaging as they did in the product itself. This does not have to be costly.  In fact, I’m going to tell you how to make it adorable AND inexpensive!

1.        Use packaging that represents your brand.

2.        Make sure the product is safe and secure. 

3.        Write (yes, hand-write) a small note. 

4.        Include a coupon code.

5.        Include care instructions.

6.        Make sure to use an envelope that matches your brand.

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