your instagram profile matters

Instagram profiles are far too often left untouched, unedited, and unmanaged.

Who looks at them anyway? While there are no specific metrics (yet) showing the percentage of Instagrammers who visit business profiles, here are a few important things to remember: 

  • 80% of Instagram users (over 600 MILLION people) follow at least one business. 
  • Profiles are the only place (for accounts with less than 10k followers) to include a clickable link. 
  • Instagram has shown how important profiles are to business by including profile views in their business and individual post analytics. 

So how do you use your Instagram Profile to it’s fullest potential? 


Let’s start by breaking it down into three parts:  

  • Bio: 150 characters telling who you are
  • Business Info: Your portal from Instagram to everything else 
  • Picture: Brand yourself! 

1. Bio: Here's the thing, you have just 150 characters to tell your story. Make those characters count!

  • A simple formula anyone can follow:

Your shop's tagline
Current sales or specials
Contact information
A link to your online storefront

2. Business Information: This is where the only clickable links in all of Instagram can be found. (Have 10,000+ followers? You can toss links in your IG Story too!  We’ll touch on that another day, though).

  • Website: This is obvious, right? If you have a website, link it here. Make sure to test your website link in your profile to make sure it works. Remember, this link is the only chance most shops have to get their followers from the Instagram Account onto their website! 
  • Page: This is a link to your Facebook Page. You're required to have a Facebook Page in order to have a Business Facebook Account on Instagram. If you’re the admin on multiple Facebook Pages, be sure you’ve chosen the correct page as Instagram gives you the option to choose any of them. 
  • Category: There are a LOT to choose from. Make sure you choose what best makes sense for your business. 
  • Email/Phone/Address: Email is the only piece of contact information which is required by Instagram. However, depending on your business model, adding your phone number or address could be beneficial—especially if you run a brick and mortar location. 

3. Profile Photo: Don’t underestimate how important this little circle is. Your Profile Photo is the first visual representation of your brand your followers will see. 

  • Shape: Let’s start with the obvious…it’s a circle. We repeat, it’s a circle. 
  • Size: Even when viewed on a computer, your Profile Photo is pretty small. Make sure you choose something that isn’t too busy, cluttered, or crowded. 
  • Branding: Have a logo? Use it here! Make sure to leave some buffer in-between the sides of your logo and the edge of the circle, though.