yes, Packaging matters!

The way you package your products matters. Don’t believe us? Think about how you feel when you receive a package from Amazon—a big brown box with a smile on it. It’s a simple touch, but it reminds you of who the package is from and that the company cares. Ever purchased something from Tiffany and Co.? If so, you might have wondered if they spent more on the packaging, than the jewelry itself!


Having great packaging for your handmade products has a ton of bonuses. And while it's likely an added expense, it’s worth it. Don’t believe us? Check out what Chelsie, owner of Avery Rose and Company, has to say about how great packaging has elevated her handmade business!


the why:

Hello there! My name is Chelsie and my handmade shop is Avery Rose & Company, named after my little girl, who is the inspiration behind the things I create. 


I love to package my handmade items in a fun way to show buyers that I care about my products and their desire to partner with my brand through their purchase. Paying attention to these tiny details is key to growing my handmade shop! 


"One of the best parts of shopping handmade is receiving the package in the mail and seeing that the seller took as much pride in the packaging as they did in the product itself."
- Chelsie, @averyroseco

the how:

One of the best parts of shopping handmade is receiving the package in the mail and seeing that the seller took as much pride in the packaging as they did in the product itself. This does not have to be costly.  In fact, I’m going to tell you how to make it adorable AND inexpensive!


Use packaging that represents your brand.

My brand revolves around black and white stripes and pink florals, so I make sure to use that color scheme when packaging the product. When I’m out shopping, I keep an eye out for sales on tissue paper and cute tapes. Those 50% off craft store coupons come in handy for things like this, too. (Hint: Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon!)


Make sure the product is safe and secure.

When packaging a necklace, I first put it in a small jewelry bag, fold over the excess, then use a cute piece of washi tape to hold it. Then I wrap that in a piece of bright colored tissue paper and seal it with a sticker. While there are loads of great shops to purchase stickers from on Etsy, I love buying the “handmade with love” stickers from ALittleLeafy on Etsy. These stickers add the perfect handmade touch and the owner of ALittleLeafy does a great job creating them for me.


Write (yes, hand-write) a small note.

Thank your buyer for shopping small and handmade. Keep it short and sweet.  Using their name adds even more personal touch. I like to use the back of my business card but you can use anything you have around the house. You might have scraps of card stock left over from a project. Hold on to things like that and keep them in a box for packaging.



Include a coupon code.

I like to invite buyers back to my shop by giving them a coupon code to use on their next purchase. Something like free shipping or 15% off is nice and you can create the coupon code through Etsy. They will automatically send it through email to the buyer but it’s nice to include it on your handwritten note, too in case they don’t read the email.


Include care instructions.

If it’s an item that needs special care, include a little card with instructions. I like to type out my care instructions with a cute calligraphy style font on my computer, print it on cardstock, and cut them out to have on hand.


Outward appearance matters too.

If you ask me, nothing screams “happy mail” more than a hot pink bubble mailer! Make sure to use an envelope that matches your brand. You can search Etsy or Amazon and find some adorable patterned mailers that are super inexpensive but add the perfect detail to your packaging. I purchased a pack of “happy mail” stickers from StichesNSwirls and they add the perfect detail to the package.



Keep all of your packaging supplies in one place. I have a cute box that I store all of my tissue paper, washi tapes, pens, bags, etc. in so when it’s time to package my order, it’s all in one place. This helps it to seem less like a chore and more like a fun craft project. 


Final reminder:

People who shop handmade do so because they want to support small businesses. They love your product enough to buy it, so put forth a little effort and love to show them how much you appreciate that sale!

- Chelsie

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Chelsie is a Florida-girl through and through and the Maker behind the shop, Avery Rose and Company. Inspired by her daughter, Chelsie creates and sells Jewelry, Tshirts, Headbands, and more to help support her family and express her creative side! 

You can connect with Chelsie here:

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