Canva - the must have handmade biz app!

If you've not heard of Canva, hold on to your britches!


Canva has nearly everything you could ever want in a graphic design app: templates, images, tutorials, a beautiful interface, and (most importantly) the ability to design just about every last image you'd ever need.


Yup, Canva gives you templates for cover images, profile pics, web banners, postcards, flyers, brochures, infographics--the list goes on and on. Add to all of it the ability to edit your photos, pull from their huge collection of stock photography and design, and keep a library of everything you've made--Canva takes the cake on our favorite graphic design tool. The best part--it's FREE. Yes, there are some templates that cost a buck or two, but it's likely you could use Canva for years and never pay a dollar. 


So when Emily, from Script Beach Studio, put together this mini-course on getting the most out of Canva, we were thrilled! Before you dig into this course, grab your phone and download the Canva App so you can follow along with Emily’s instructions and how-to video. 


Hi everyone! I'm Emily, from Script Beach Studio. My shop is named after my love of the beach! I design rubber stamps, cards, and custom gifts. Find me on instagram @Scriptbeach or Etsy to see more of my shop.


I want to spill the beans on my favorite FREE tool, Canva — a user friendly, online design tool to create all kinds of graphics, flyers, pinterest images, story highlight buttons, ads, you name it. If you need to create a graphic, Canva can do it! 


Ready to give your shop a facelift, rebrand your online presence or just make your highlight stories on instagram have a cohesive feel? Canva can make it all happen.

Below you’ll find 5 easy steps to creating your first project in Canva. While these steps work on both the app of desktop version, they’re more geared up for a computer. Want to use the Canva Mobile App instead? Scroll down to the very bottom to watch a step by step video tutorial. 


Step 1:

Head to and set up your free account so you can have ongoing access to anything you design in Canva.

Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.00.36.png


Step 2:

Click “Create a Design” found on the left side of your screen. 



Step 3:

Select the sample template that’s right for you. The very first one I ever made was “Etsy shop icon.” I’ve gone on to make Pinterest images, instagram highlight buttons, web banners, product photos for Etsy and more! (You can always do a custom size if you don’t see the size for you!)

Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.03.04.png


The Pinterest template works well for instagram stories and making instagram story highlight buttons). 


Step 4:

Begin editing. Once you click the template you want, you are now able to use a pre-made background or create your own. (You also can buy backgrounds or icons from them, I always try to be savvy and use the free ones). You can change nearly anything — colors, fonts, parts of the template image — Canva gives you tons of control. Want to use your own images? Simply click “Uploads” on the left. 

Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.08.44.png
Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.11.19.png
Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.12.39.png


Add layer shapes on top of photos and change the transparency for a chic look.
Then add your text on top of the shape. 

Step 5:

Rename your image at the top navigation bar and then click on “Download” to save a version for yourself. 

Screenshot 2018-06-14 16.12.57.png

Prefer to use Canva on your phone? Check out this video tutorial to get you started:


I can’t wait to see what you create! Share your creations with me on Instagram using the hashtag #canvaiscool. 



My name is Emily and I live in Austin. I’m a plant lady, breakfast taco lover, and a fan of travel! (I also have a Polaroid camera collection, hence the photo of me what shot on 8x10 instant film). I am the maker and heart behind Script Beach Studio where I use modern Calligraphy to create rubber stamps, cards, and custom gifts!

You can learn more and connect with Emily here:

Instagram    |    Etsy