We get it. Running your handmade biz can be tough. 

Instagram, Etsy, Shopify, product photography, Facebook, handmade markets....AHHHH! There is so much to learn, decide, and do when you're running a handmade business. Not to mention, with so many other shops out there, how do you get noticed?

The makers who are part of HelloLoveHandmade have been there and have learned a lot along the way. Inside this community you'll learn the tips, tricks, and skills to have an awesome handmade shop. Not only that, you'll connect with other makers and have the opportunity to showcase your products in front of an audience of over 200,000 people who love and value handmade.


I've learned so much from HelloLoveHandmade! HLH has helped me step out of my comfort zone and, because of it, I've seen my business grow! @wahlflowerdesignsco




how to grow your biz

No need to figure it out on your own. We regularly curate Mini-Courses, taught by real life, handmade shop owners. These courses cover a range of topics: social media, online sales platforms, tech tools, product photography, and much more! 


with other makers

Build community and celebrate handmade in our members only Facebook group. Share ideas, ask questions, and dive deeper into each mini-course alongside of others. Trust us, this is where the magic happens. Beware, though, we like to give things away in this group!


your amazing products

You make awesome products --- show them off!  As a member of HelloLoveHandmade, you’ll get exclusive access to showcase your work on all our social media platforms.  This is a great way to grow your following, build your brand, and increase your sales! 

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Still not convinced? See what some of our members have to say!

I’ve gained over 800 followers!

Kendahl and Bryan are full of knowledge! For the past three months I have been working with them in order to learn more about running a small business and I have learned so much USEFUL information: From the Instagram basics of captions and photography, to taxes (ahhhh), to marketing and customer service. I owe a majority of my success and growth to HelloLoveHandmade! @barnyardpeacock

I've learned so much from HLH! The private Facebook Group has been a wonderful place to ask lots of questions and get lots of answers. HLH has helped me step out of my comfort zone and, because of it, I've seen my business grow!  @wahlflowerdesignsco

I owe a majority of my success and growth to Hello Love Handmade.

I’ve gained over 800 followers on my Instagram feed, had the courage to develop a Brand Rep Campaign and am in the process of building an email list to send out updates on my products. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the help of HelloLoveHandmade. @PlayfulPonyyz

HLH has helped me step out of my comfort zone.

HLH really works! I gained so much insight on how to grow my IG followers, take and edit product photos, calculate correct pricing, and more. Kendahl and Bryan shared step by step how to build a handmade business platform from nothing. If you're just starting or if you want to grow your small business from where it's currently at, I highly recommend HLH! -@mikukumi

HLH really works!