All right—let’s get started!!
We are spending this week going over the basic "what" of product photography. 

(Special note - those of you who went through our Handmade Plan may remember some of this material, but no worries! 1. A reminder is never a bad thing and 2. We are taking it deeper this time and trust us, you'll want this review!)

Here’s the thing, 67% of people consider image quality when making a purchase online.*

Woah! Having great product photos, then, is a must. Don't fret, this month is all about getting them.

The best news, you don’t have to be a pro (or have professional equipment) to take awesome photos. This month we’re going to learn how to take and edit stellar product photos regardless of what kind of camera you have.

*(via MGD)

Before we get there, though, let’s talk about a few types of product photography.

  • Stock: This is the most basic product photo. A stock photo is an image of your product on a white background. Even though this photo is pretty simple, it still has purpose!
  • Curated: Curated photos are a step above stock photos but don’t include people! Styled flat lays, a clean desk display or a fun vignette all fall into this category.
  • Lifestyle: Insert people (or animals if that’s your thing) here. The most important part of lifestyle photos is seeing your products in use by happy, smiling people…or cats.
  • *BONUS* Sell-fie: Wait, what? I thought this month was product photography? Well, it is. You are part of your brand. Perhaps, the most important part. People will buy a great product. But they will be a FAN of a great company. So, let your community see you. Let them see behind the scenes of your products. Let them into your life (appropriately, of course). So, yes, post a sell-fie that "sells", get it? ;)

Here's a great example, from our friends @wilfredwax, showcasing the same product in 3 different product photo types. And, a fun "sell-fie" giving their customers a little peek behind the scenes of their husband+wife candle shop!


Great product photography is not about having the trendiest, showiest displays and vignettes. It's about knowing how to use some basic photography skills to showcase your products in a way that makes your shoppers feel a need for your product in their life.

So, let's play a little game!

Yes, we know you’ll have your full fledged homework in a few weeks. Consider this the “Pre-Test”. In the next few days, grab your camera (any camera, your phone is great!) and take four photos of one of your products. Keep the product the same but change the picture so you achieve a set that includes a stock, curated, lifestyle, and “sell-fie” picture.  Once you’re done, post your pictures in a collage in the HLHMonthly Facebook Group for others to see. Don’t worry if your quality isn’t stellar --- that's coming up next!



 Hello HLH Monthly community! We are excited to bring you this Month's Video lesson, from photography expert, Josh Ryder. Check out our video first for some basic info and then jump on in to Josh's awesome lesson!

Once you are finished watching, make sure to head over the HLH Monthly Facebook page to ask questions and share your favorite parts of the lesson. We look forward to hearing from you!



It's Homework time!

For your homework we want you to create a lightbox for your product photography.

Step 1: Make it. (It'll cost you less than $1)
Step 2: Share a picture of your lightbox in the comments of this post.
Step 3: Use it!
Step 4: Post your before product photos (from week 1: lesson) and then post your new product photo using your light box.

Not sure what a lightbox is?
Make sure to check out this month's video (tab above) to learn all about creating an easy light box from our photography guest expert, Josh Ryder.