Lesson + Homework


Kendahl and I (Bryan) have a framed quote of Ruth Graham in our bedroom. "Never let it end God. Never. Please." While we have plenty of bad days, we both believe in the words in the frame. We don't want what we have to ever end. We love our marriage, our life, and our partnership with HelloLoveHandmade. While it's not always easy, we wouldn't have it any other way. 

I write all this, but also recognize that many of you don't feel this way about your partner in life. For others, you don't have a partner at all. Please know, the content and interviews this month are STILL for you. 

So why are we taking an entire month to talk about partnerships and cheerleaders? It's simple. We don't think anyone should run a handmade business on their own. Yet, due to the nature of handmade--many do. 

We recognize that having a partner and cheerleader does not necessarily mean your spouse/partner will run the business with you. I work full time, which Kendahl is very supportive of. That said, she doesn't come to the office and work alongside of me. :)  Having a cheerleader who supports your handmade business is going to look different for everyone. So please, don't compare yourselves to others this month! (Or ever for that matter). 

So, whether your cheerleader is your spouse, partner, best friend, child, mom, neighbor (dogs and cats don't count), there are 3 things we want you to ask of them to help your handmade business grow. (Don't think you have a cheerleader, yet? Keep reading). 

  1. Talk to me about my handmade business. Ask questions about what I'm doing, give me ideas of what I could do, celebrate with me, give me a place to vent when I'm frustrated. Listen even when you have no clue what I'm talking about. 
  2. Dream with me. Encourage me to go after huge goals. Remind me that complacency doesn't grow a business. Push me to be better.
  3. Be honest with me. Tell me if a product I'm making isn't great. Show me if I'm going off-brand. Reel me in when I begin to compare myself to others. 
  4. BONUS! Get your hands dirty. If your cheerleader has something to offer to your handmade business--let them! Shopping, packaging, social media, web design, sewing--you name it. If your cheerleader is willing and able, give them a volunteer job. 

Here's the deal. We believe every one of your cheerleaders should actively do #1-3 from above. #4 is icing on the cake. 


  1. Identify your cheerleader. Is it your spouse, best friend, mom? If you don't know who your cheerleader is, identify someone in your life who you're confident could do #1-3 from above. Remember, #4 is icing on the cake!
  2. Talk to your cheerleader about #1-3 from above and ask him or her to actively do each (even if they already, naturally do it). In return, offer to be open and receptive to.
  3. If you don't yet have a cheerleader, ask the person you identified in #1 to come alongside of you in this way. Be brave. You can do it!  

Then, go to our Facebook Group and answer the following questions in the Pinned Post for November: 

  1. Who is your cheerleader (or who have you asked/who are you going to ask to become your cheerleader)? 
  2. How did he or she respond to your conversation about talking, dreaming, and being honest about your handmade business? 
  3. What is your cheerleader most awesome at? 
  4. Does your cheerleader actively work/volunteer with your handmade biz? If so, doing what? 


Video Chat

Video chat

This month we had the privilege of chatting with Amanda from Tea Time Designz and her husband, Rory. Rory is a rock-star cheerleader for Amanda, helping set up at shows, packaging products and (most importantly in our opinion) being a consistent voice and listening ear in her business. Check out the video chat we had with Amanda and Rory below. We've gone ahead and included the questions we asked so you can follow along taking notes! 

  1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. Who are you-how long have you been together-what are your shops, etc. 
  2. How do you and your spouse talk to each other about your handmade businesses? Is there intentional time set aside to dream together, encourage one another, etc? If not, how does this happen naturally throughout your day/week? 
  3. Tell us about your spouse's biggest dream for their handmade biz. 
  4. What's the hardest thing you've been told by (or had to tell) your spouse about his/her handmade biz? 
  5. How do you get your hands dirty with your spouses handmade biz? (What tangible, physical thing do you do to help out?) 
  6. What are a few other things you do for each other's biz or side hustle? 
  7. What's the one thing your spouse does for your biz that you would miss the most if he/she stopped? 
  8. Bonus--tell us ANYTHING you want about your spouse. :)