How to you up your engagement on Instagram? Well, it's not hard--but it surely won't happen overnight! Check out these three, simple steps to get your engagement up and running again! 

Homework and Challenge


Choose 1 of the "3 Simple Steps" from Week 2's lesson, apply it, and then tell us about how it went over in the Facebook Group.

Expert Interview: Kelly Smith

Video Lesson With Kelly Smith of @helloworldpaperco!

This month, we asked Kelly Smith from Hello World Paper Co to share with us how she gets such great engagement on her Instagram feed. Kelly shares a ton of valuable insight in the video below.

  1. How often she posts on Instagram
  2. What/how do she decides what to post
  3. Her social media management tools
  4. What type of posts receive the most engagement on her feed
  5. How she writes compelling captions
  6. How she engages with others 

Here's a few quick nuggets of truth from Kelly to look out for when you watch: 

  • "It takes someone more than 7 times of seeing your product before they even think of buying it!"

  • "Quit looking at who unfollows you! Seriously" 

  • "Likes are great, but it’s the comments you want."

  • "Instagram doesn’t have to be stressful—it’s supposed to be fun!"

Carve out 15 minutes, grab a notepad and pencil, and get ready to learn some great stuff from Kelly!