Loop Giveaway

A loop giveaway is an interactive way to gain followers and increase your brand's awareness on Instagram. In our loops, several handmade shops come together to give away $500-$1000 to one lucky winner. To enter to win the cash prize, participants must follow every shop involved.

What's the benefit of participating in a loop with HelloLoveHandmade rather than running one on your own? We do all the work for you! (Well, most of the work). We create the text, instructions, images, schedule, tag-list, etc. All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions and "show up" on time.   

The HLH Loop we participated in was amazing! Everything was well organized and very thorough - if we had any questions, they would respond to us quickly! We gained over 400 followers and hit 2K - it was a great little celebration for us!! We gained followers who were not only interested in winning the prize but interested in our handmade jewelry line and the participant’s handmade goodies. We would definitely recommend doing a loop with Hello Love Handmade!
— @WeAreAndrex

Loop Giveaways with HelloLoveHandmade are run once each month and have a $40 entry fee. 
Questions? Let us know at hello@hellolovehandmade.com