Bryan & Kendahl & Ellis & Olive & _________.

Here we go!
We want to be as open as we can through this process. Our hearts are, that as we share the ins and outs of our journey, others might be encouraged to join along in our story. Better yet, to open their hearts to adoption as well! 

Adoption isn't cheap. Everyone has heard it. But what does that really look like?
It's a hard question to answer. But for us (and most of the domestic adoption world) it looks like around $40,000-$50,000. Yikes. Yes. There can be a bit of frustration associated with the high cost of adoption, but we fully trust that there are many awesome people along the path that deserve to be paid well for the work they are doing to help us find and bring our baby home safely. (and quickly!)

That being said, we are committed to doing our part. We don't in the least bit expect to sit back and let everyone else pay for our journey. We are well into the journey and haven't raised any funding yet. However, we are getting to the point where we need some help from our community.

Enter: Throcks Adopt T-Shirts. :) 
"&" or "and" represents the next member of our little family. Bryan & Kendahl & Ellis & Olive & _________.

These shirts mean more than just money to us. They mean people joining us and cheering us on. It means wearing this shirt out and being ready to let someone know what the "&" means when they ask. It means prayers for our baby and family every time you put it on. It means a smile on our faces and a little encouragement that we aren't alone in this when we see you wearing it. Sure, you could just give us $20, but we hope that you would see there's more to this shirt than just a shirt.

So, what do you say?
Would you join our Throcks Adopt Tribe and buy a t-shirt (or 4)? Would you pray for us to reach our next financial milestone through this fundraiser so we are one step closer to bringing home our "and"?

Get your shirt here!!

Know we are forever thankful for every dollar donated and are excited for others to come along side us and be a part of our story. As we've stated before, we don't want anyone to redirect regular gifts away from their church or other organizations they support in order to support us. 

Update # 2

Things are moving along right on the adoption front here!

We turned in the majority of the paperwork for our Home Study last week and are having out Social Worker come out to the house for the In-home study TOMORROW! After that we have our family interviews and then play the waiting game with State clearances. Once those are all in, we will officially be what the adoption world calls "home study ready"! Home Study Ready means we are officially approved to start presenting our family's profile to birth mothers. It's a whole lot of hurry up and wait, but we are really thankful that our process is moving along so smoothly!

The other big news right now is that we have been accepted to partner with the amazing team over at Adopt A Love Story. They will be working with us to help us tell our story and create a fundraising website. Go check out other stories on their site (and pray for me as I try not to get all nervous about them sending a video crew to my house). We will be sure to give you a little behind the scenes action when that goes down.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to ask how they can help. Right now, the biggest and best thing you can do is pray for our state paperwork to be processed quickly and for our fundraiser planning to all fall into place. We will have more concrete ways to help very be on the look out for that!

Well, back to filling out more paperwork, making endless copies, and mailing all the things.

Update # 1

We are so thankful and blown away by all the congratulations and kind responses we received after announcing our adoption news last night! There's no turning back now, huh? :) 

We plan to keep everyone updated throughout this journey, but wanted to just update today with a couple answers to some basic questions we've gotten so far:

So, where exactly are you in the process?
As of today, we are contracted with a Consultant Agency (Faithful Adoption Consultants) and are in the process of completing our home study.

Are you pursuing International or Domestic adoption?
We are adopting domestically. There are orphans all across the world that need families, we are not naive to that fact. After experiencing the loss of a miscarriage back in Oct 2015, Bryan and I both felt an overwhelming call to care for not only the orphan, but also for the birth mother in need of options. If we wanted birth moms to know that they had options other than abortion, we felt that we needed to back that up by being one of those options. We don't at all believe that one type of adoption is more noble or needed than the other. We are just following that path that we personally have felt called down. 

How old of a child are you adopting?
Most likely we will be matched with a pregnant birth mother and will be bringing home a newborn baby. 

Do you have any idea of a timeframe?
Once we have completed our home study (hopefully within the next 6-8 weeks), the agency that we are working with has an average match time of 4-6 months. We are hopeful that we will have a baby by the end of the year!

How can we help?
Right now, we would love prayers for the home study process to go smoothly. There are a lot of moving parts and the faster it all comes together, the faster we can be added to the waitlist to be matched!

We will be talking about more ways you can join us to help (soon!) And yes, these asks will include the "f" word. (fundraising...come on people... ;) In the mean time, if you're interested in our thoughts on adoption fundraising, go ahead and click over to our FAQ page.


That's all for now!